FOCUS Vocabulary: rich and poor
TIME 35 min + 11 min video

The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Michael Norton titled “How to buy happiness”. The lesson is prepared for B1+ students as the speech is not very difficult to understand, but rather fast.

The lesson mainly concerns  money and issues connected with it. The first exercise in the worksheet is on synonyms of words poor and rich. They can be used in the next exercise, i.e. a discussion on money and happiness. Then, students move to completing gaps. There are questions which contain phrases used to talk about money. After filling in, students can answer these questions in pairs. The last task is again discussion, but it is related to the talk and should be done after watching it.

The whole lesson should take you around 45 minutes as the speech is 11-minute long. However, it always depends on how much your students are engaged in the discussions.







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