FOCUS Decision-making
TIME 45 min + 15 min

The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Ruth Chang titled “How to make hard choices”. In her speech, Chang explains why it is so difficult to take some decisions and helps us to understand the approach to a decision-making process.

The lesson starts with a short general discussion on making decisions and hard choices students face. The next task is all about questions about the speech. Then, students move to one exercise on idioms used when talking about something difficult and easy. There is one more exercise on vocabulary for expressing opinions, which students are supposed to use in the last task. The lesson finishes with the speaking task when students need to use new vocabulary and make some hard choices đŸ™‚

The whole lesson should take around 60 minutes, however, the speech itself is quite long (about 15 minutes). You can ask your students to watch it at home and have a 45-minute lesson.







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