FOCUS Vocabulary: Relationships
TIME 45 min + 17 min video

The worksheet is based on the TED Talk by Hannah Fry entitled “The mathematics of love”. The speech is witty and interesting. The speakers talks in a very clear way so that students should not have problems with understanding.

The lesson plan is divided into several tasks. It starts with a short exercise on phrases and collocations connected with love and relationship. It is followed by a short discussion which introduce the topic to students. Then, there are two tasks on vocabulary that appears in the speech. In the first one students have to match words with their definitions and in the second they have to complete sentences. It is a good idea to do these tasks before watching the video as students can refer to them during watching. After that, there is a discussion and sentence-making exercise which can be treated as homework.

The speech is quite long (17 minutes),  so it can be watched at home or if you have time during the lesson. The lesson should take around 45 minutes.








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