Welcome to TED4ESL!

This website was created to share our ESL lesson plans and worksheets that are based on TED Talks.
However, as TED.com is not the only place where you can find inspiring and interesting videos sometimes you will also see materials based on content from other websites.

Because most of TED talks are generally around 15 minutes long, we believe it is too long to watch it during standard 60 minute-long lessons. Therefore, you will notice that some of these worksheets are created with the idea that students watch the video at home and during the lesson they focus on vocabulary and discussion. Nevertheless, if you prefer to watch the videos during the classes, you can easily adapt the materials we provide.

All of the materials published here were designed for adults. In many cases, they have been created with Business English in mind as we have been running in-company training most of our careers.

We have devised and developed these worksheets over the years and in some cases we could have used materials shared by other teachers. We have tried to recognize the authors of such materials and not publish anything without the author’s consent. However, if by any chance you recognize some copyright infringement, please let us know so we can remove such material or credit the author.

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