FOCUS General/Legal English
TIME 60 min

Can you trust your brain? Can our brains come up with memories of things that haven’t really happened? You will find answers to these questions as well as their serious consequences in the TED Talk by Scott Fraser titled “Why eyewitnesses get it wrong”.

This lesson looks into the world of crime and justice, how legal system works in the USA and why some witnesses lie even if they don’t realize it! Inside, you will find two different vocabulary activities focused on some advanced legal vocabulary. There is a classic word-odd-out activity where you can find the toughest words from the TED Talk plus a word-building activity connected with crime & justice. There are also a few discussion points and exercises to orally practice new words.

If you hadn’t asked your students to watch the video at home, watch it together after doing Vocabulary ex. 1. This way they already know some of the most difficult vocabulary from the TED Talk.

Let me know how you and your students liked this lesson! Is there anything there you would change? Was this lesson too difficult for your students? Just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.







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